How It All Began


        It all started at the age of 16 years old. I was inspired by my dad after he bought my first car. He showed me how to detail my vehicle from a to z. At that moment I realized my love of detailing and having a spotless car. 

            I started my first job at a fast-food restaurant called Burger Tyme and my ambition worked me all the way to crew chief. After I graduated from high school, I took up a trade in shoe repair at Musso Shoe Repair for two years and my boss allowed me to make flyers that advertised my own mobile car washing service. I continued at  Musso's and worked as a shoe finisher. I cleaned, polished, and inked the soles of dress shoes and boots and made them shine, and developed the nickname "Top Shine" which I incorporated into the name of my business. 

        Top Shine Auto Detailing became something I kept on the back burner. In that two year period, I began another trade with Bernhard Mechanical Contractors and worked as a plumber for two years. Though Top Shine was kept on the back burner it began to grow. I decided to go for it full time and saved money from my plumber's work and slowly but surely built my business and bought equipment. 

         And so from the love of keeping my car spotless grew a business. I just want say I'm so grateful for all the customers that helped me along the way and encouraged me to keep going.                                                                        -Frederick George, Sr.